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Restaurant Sofra e Ariut

Sofra e Ariut Restaurant – Albanian Traditional dishes

Restaurant – Sofra e Ariut is one of the most prestigious restaurants in the city of Tirana in Albania. Albanian traditional cuisine, waiter’s local outfits, frames with ethnographic reach clothing from different regions of Albania give a characteristic and unique feeling to every person who visits us.
Sofra e Ariut has hosted various personalities is worth mentioning former first lady Ms. Laura Bush during a visit in 2007.
Sofra e Ariut restaurants chef cook Mrs. Lavdie Shehu represented the restaurant in July 2011 at the event L’IMPERO DEI SAPORI INTERNAZIONALI. “Tavë Kosi” (a Local Yogurt Casserole) and “Fërgesa tiranase” (Albanian fried food of cheese or curds) associated with grape raki “Sofra e Ariut” (Albanian most famous brandy), won the hearts of the international jury also awarded first prize for outstanding taste and unique that brings these dishes. The Minister of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Protection Genc Ruli in a meeting with Mr.Dritan Pashako owner of the restaurant and Mrs. Shehu, praised and emphasized the importance of the Albanian cuisine around the world..