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Doing Business in Albania can be pretty profitable especially for business specialized in Industries such as, clothing, energy, agriculture, and construction. If an opportunity has presented and you have to act upon, first of all you need to be sure your investment and than later you earnings are going to be in good hands, therefore information is king to Investors, opportunists, corporate executives and entrepreneurs. We can help you with just that, the right information for the right partner for your business.

Potential Partner Categories

Law Firms

Audit, Tax and Advisory Firms


Recruitment Companies

Insurance Companies

Security Companies

Government Agencies

Registering a Business

Tax Department

Customs Department

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Central Bank of Albania

Ombudsman Office in Albania


The Albanian Economy

Albanian Economy seams to be pretty substantial over the past 10 years; although it has felt the recession from the neighboring countries such as Greece and Italy the Country is continuing its reforms of privatization therefore sustained economic prosperity not only is being shown by constant annual growth rate, butt more to come is on the horizon since Albania is hoping to become a EU member soon. A full NATO member since 2009 Albania is in the lead with the Regional prosperity.