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Hotel Akademia Voskopoje

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At Hotel Akamdemia you can relax outside the stress and noises of City Life. The Hotel is situated close to the woods of Voskopoja which fill your lungs with fresh clean air.

Staying at Hotel Akademia gives you the possibility to benefit from many activites like horse riding, alpinism, hiking etc..

Besides hotel rooms,  at Hotel Akademia you have the opportunity to book and accommodate in small wooden cottages situated in the middle of greeny, fresh forest.

At Hotel Akademia you will enjoy traditional and mediteranian couscine . Our staff does its best so our guests can fully enjoy their stay at our hotel. I am sure you will enjoy our services too.

At hotel akademia you can enjoy horse riding in the clear air. Horse ridings should be booked at least 30 minutes before planing to go for the ride. Horse riding in the middle of the woods will give you a sense of unprecedented freedom.

Voskopojas clean air has proven to relieve the systems of people with respiratory tract problems. If you are suffering from asthma or alergies from dust, come and visit our premises.

Hotel Academia, former pioneers camp built in the 50s is situated about 1000m northwest of Voskopoja. Between evergreen and fresh air, this camp has received and acomodated thousands of children and Adults from all over Albania.

After restoration between 2000-2004 Hotel Akademia has a capacity of 13 wooden villas and 16 hotel rooms, a restaurant where you can enjoy traditional cuisine and stuningly beautiful nature.