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Vila Serendiville

The Tex-Mex Hotspot inTirana, Albania
“SERENDIVILLE” is a creation of “Qvo Vadis” Art Cafe’ and “Serendipity – Tirana,” in close collaboration with the talented Chef Enkeleid Dervishi, who has been with the company as Head Chef & Kitchen Supervisor since the opening of “Serendipity Cafe’” in 2004. Moving to a very nice villa with a garden after the lease on our old premises expired in May, 2013, brought about the idea of calling our restaurant “Serendiville.”
“Serendiville” serves international cuisine, including local, with an elegant Tex-Mex or Fusion twist. Almost everything in the menu is created from scratch, starting from our hand-made fresh flour tortillas and cheese mixes, up to the most intricate sauces and dressings “Serendiville” has a firm policy not to precook food in advance; everything is prepared daily by our Chef and his staff in the kitchen of our restaurant.
Our menu, rich in starters, salads, pasta, burgers, prime steaks from the grill or the skillet, as well as slow cooked food with a taste of home, is designed to satisfy meat lovers and vegetarians alike, and also those who go for cheese, dough and greens and their combinations. Most of the time there is a soup of the day, and specials, so don’t hesitate to ask your server. The specials can be meat or fish based, or vegetarian, depending on the Chef’s fantasy, or the whims of the fresh market. Very seldom will someone leave “Serendiville” without having a portion of our home-made Brownie or Cheese Cake, or sharing it with his company.
“Serendiville” is probably the only restaurant in Tirana to be famous for its cocktails: visitors love our Margarita, Daiquiri, Sibir Monamour and Blandy Mary throughout the year; the Mojito, the Martinis and our home-made Sangria are such heat-quenchers when sipped coolly in the garden in the summertime, and the our mulled wine and the mulled Pisco and cinnamon such a warm hugger when the winter cold starts to kick in.