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Globus Travel

With an experience of 13 years, integrated fully in the development policies of tourism, in close cooperation with hotels, high class service, professional guides licensed, interacting more serious with companies of road transport, air and sea Globus Travel has managed to secure packages its customers with the highest standards in the market. Reservation near Globus Travel is a contract worth inalienable moral and professional and always in favor of what was estimated at the best for the client.

Promotion of new destinations for groups, raising the tourism profile groups for the Globus Travel remains a task of mutual interest in relations with its clients. We realize packages at any point of the globe, from destinations in the up to exotics evaluating the accuracy of detail and provide comfort in every moment of the journey from departure to return.

Globus Travel is a source of interesting offerings for each client and product categories. It is a combination of desire and possibility to create satisfied customers. Globus Travel analyzes and works to maintain the standard of service. We are in continuous contact with our customers what they think, not only before but also after the trip. We welcome suggestions at any time. They help us are the ones that need to be today and we are next.