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Duraj Law Firm

Law Firm “Duraj” is advocacy office, which conducts its activities with determination by providing the best legal solutions for its customers. Making safe steps in every field, it means to be supported by a legal organization adequate for the realization of protection and the development of your activity.
Duraj Law Firm develops its activity in Tirana and Albania’s main cities by providing legal services with dedication and professionalism. We will be available every hour, offering the best legal services in real time.
One of the basic principles of Law Firm is to maintain relations of mutual trust with the client by exercising with devotion and responsibilities inherent rigidity due to the activity. Studio creates all necessary conditions for giving legal advice consistently, with quality and professionalism.
Law Firm “Duraj”, in every case keep professional secret and doesn’t make public information which has been notified during the performance of various legal services.
We are motivated, professional and willing for being immediately beside you to offer appropriate solutions. Law Firm “Duraj” creates all necessary conditions for the granting of a legal consulate ongoing, quality and professionalism